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Junk columns by me
* govern IrfanView thru i_view32.ini
* Secret of a cigaret
* Why my room is full of dust ?
* How to solder 0.5mm pitch QFP
* Do use vim
* try X-MOUSE on Windows
* Be conscious of the 'Cycle' in the software

Roughride wild microcomputers
µcomJOCKEY just begun

Enjoy WS2812B with LPC810
      check it
misc logic signal tricks by LPC810   (2016.9.4)

Misc about FreeBSD
* sleeping FreeBSD server (3G)
* make backup of CF-J10V by FreeBSD
* boot process of FreeBSD/i386
* make backup of CF-R5 by FreeBSD

Xplorer ... will it be next target ?
play with it

vgaC - make your PC as a plain display
  I will    

* freecell game collection
* power consumption amount investigation
* drive pattern of some motor driver
* remote-controller IR signals

Fuji-san !

Collection of C code syntax highlightings
Which color C code is your C code at which you are looking ?

Utilities for HONEY BEE (KYOCERA PHS WX331K)
* see here

Snow country..., I wish to be there...



a report has been made.

Try this.
This is ArmUZK, UZK on NXP LPC214x.

I've got one more strange globe.

Let's go to see windmills in Hokkaido


Here is UZK, a USB keyboard/mouse extender
an extra one by MINI EZ-USB ... ofuroc (2010.9.10)
and a JTAG-writer for Xilinx devices is here (2005.1.13)
and an experiment for USB audio is here (2005.9.19)

Kawasaki, ZZ-R600
was my motorcycle. you can see the history of my ZZ-Rs.

ZZ-R600 (2021.9.07)        

Do you know "XENON-80" ?
click the picture, you can see big sized one.

XENON-80 is Z-80A based hand-made microcomputer.                   Do you see more ?

Please solve my question
I had found *experimentally* that
there are difference about the handling of "CTS"
in Intel i8251A and NEC uPD8251A.

  if "CTS (Clear To Send)" negation is occurred while sending,
  Intel i8251A *re*-send the data automatically *again*
  after next "CTS" assertion.
Is this specification of Intel i8251A ?

!= ?

(2007.3.27)  I've got both 8251 datasheet from Alldatasheet.com and found a hint !

Who is he ?
  (Copyright by LiveArt ? thanks)
it was me, about 38 years ago.

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